Next house to the west is Roy Graser's, #5431. About the time we were building -1958. He had purchased the lot and was planning to build a house. He drew up his own plans and got a building permit from the county. The house was in the first stage of digging foundation ditches when Roy was a passenger in an auto accident. He ended up in the hospital with a broken leg. His parents had leased their lot down town for oil exploration and had no place to live. They lived for a year in Santa Ana when some friends took a year around the world tour. Then move to a farm house on Smeltzer Ave. near the railroad tracks. Roy promised them a home to live in when he finished his house. With the house building stopped, his parents were eager to have a place to live and found a house that had been moved off for a freeway and persuaded Roy to have it moved onto his lot. 

Roy's dog was named Gypsy. This is Gypsy the 3rd. 

Charles and Louise Graser were such a friendly and 
charming older couple.

 Charlie was retired when he moved into Old Pirate Lane and was very interested in the American Legion. A Legion friend, Lou Mitchell, talked Charlie into being his mail carrier substitute. Mitchell was a Republican and when a Republican was elected President, Mitchell got the job as Postmaster. This made Charlie a full time mail carrier. It was a rural route in this area which meant that the carrier was a full post office selling stamps and money orders. They had three sons and a daughter who were all raised in downtown Huntington Beach.




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