The house #5415 next door to Roy's was not built until a little later. In the back of that lot
stood two large stumps, like posts, of solid concrete at least three feet high. These had been
used a long time ago (in the 1920's?) when there was a survey group searching for oil in this
area. Before were were any buildings on this site, for a short while an old man lived on the
property and had an old wooden boat turned upside down. The first builders were an
ex-serviceman (Navy I believe) Randy Kamerer, with his wife Ruth. She was very instrumental
in starting the theater group in Huntington Beach and worked tirelessly for many years on that
project. They had two small girls, the younger one was Meredith. After Randy died the family
stayed here for a short while before moving to the Whittier area where Ruth's mother resided.
Before they sold Ruth asked us if we wanted to buy the house and lot next door as we used to
pasture the horses, sheep and few steer on that land. Bob offered her the asking price, but she
backed out and he did not get a chance to rebid. Years later as I was busy in the kitchen a
knock on the door led me to open it to Meredith who was no longer a scrawny little girl with
huge glasses, but a big scrawny girl with big glasses, I think this was during the hippie era and
she was on her way somewhere and just wanted to see the old neighborhood again. Have
not heard anything since.


    This house has changed hands several times. From the Kamerer's to Robert and Bonnie
Leverrich, 1968-1974, followed by the Marino's, who had several children, one being about the
same age as our John. They had some connections at Big Bear and worked up there at times.
When John did go with them to Big Bear he complained they had to work the whole week-end.
We never did get to know them.
I believe the next residents in #5415 were Chuck and Wendy Tinkler with their two small
children, a lovely little blonde girl, Lauri, and a well built younger boy, Wayne. They lived there
several years and did change the look of the front of the house by adding a verandah and if I
remember some different windows. This was a house origma1ly built by the George
Construction Company.
Chuck Tinkler still owns his coffee shop near the Olympic Pool in Belmont Shore, Long Beach.
After Chuck and Wendy split and after Lauri married Kevin, (Air Force) the young couple left
Old Pirate Lane. Wendy and Wayne soon after moved to Whitefish, Montana to be with her old
neighbor, Nancy. Wayne grew up there while Wendy managed a coffee shop for several years.
She had sold this house (#5415) to Seeds in 1989. He remodeled and modified the house. It is
now two stories, has the most beautiful chimney in decorative brick and has the look somewhat
of an old English Tudor house -a 1a Shakespeare’s time. There is a beautiful rose garden out
front also, a large shed is in the rear. Now the house is much closer to the street as Seeds built
on to the front as well. The house was sold to a lawyer, Douglas Mahaffey and his wife in 1992.
They lived here for a few short years, and the house was sold again. Ron Katt and his wife Megan 
were the new owners of #5415. His shop was into maintaining
cars at a workshop just north of Edinger, which by now had opened up and had many housing
tracts on both sides. I believe his wife worked in the office of his business. They were not here
long either, divorcing and leaving, selling the house, at such a high price we could not believe.
The new buyer must have really wanted to live on our little lane. 
We are very happy with the
new landlord of this house, #5415, Mike and Cherie Johnson, and they are both engineers,
which makes Bob very happy, especially when it comes to working out how to fix wells etc. etc
They have done a fantastic job in improving the property, even removing those concrete pilings
and adding a pool. These new residents are parents to Elaine and David.



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