John E. Runyard's Collection: Old Pirate Lane, Huntington Beach, Ca.

Meadowlark Airport, Old Pirate Lane
 This is part of Mom's 2004 book "Old Pirate Lane" & Supplement by son, John.

New Park in old airport area
New houses in background are the "Summerlane" tract.

To travel further west from #5391 would mean stepping on to the airport. This land and much of the surrounding acreage was owned by Reuben Martin (Esther Hamilton's brother) who built the runway from which several well known pilots of the day took members of the family for short plane rides, often called "Breakfast Flights".
This small airport was very popular. Their coffee shop served the best hamburgers around,

and always a very friendly crowd. There were many small planes coming and going all the time, not noisy, well not at my end of the street anyway.


Everyone was free to come and go across the
airport strip - no fences - just look both ways first.

- and we would often ride the horses across the strip to get where we were going.
One day, while out riding Bruce, our horse enthusiast, found some very small bunnies evidently abandoned. He rescued them and even raced home from school at lunch time to continue feeding them with an eye dropper. Very soon they were big enough to manage on their own, so they left to live on the airport grounds again.

The Nerios owned the airport land and later sold it to the developers. There are now approximately 350 houses on that property.


This tiny airport was home to over 200 airplanes
and many jobs... remember those?
Sorry if I seem sarcastic, but I have a hard time
with losing things I enjoyed.
And I know a few others that feel the same way.
But, that's progress. 

Lunch at the Meadowlark Airport Cafe was always a treat. Not only being the best burgers in Huntington Beach, but
watching the planes land and take off was good family entertainment.
At this table, my Mom & my kids & I , July - Aug 1989.


Walking back home after a good lunch with my Dad, Robert Runyard ( 1922-2012 ) and Roy Graser ( 1923-2010 ), my kids and I.

My dear mother, Gwendoline Runyard ( 1922-2013 ) holding my daughter Jessie.
Looking North toward Heil Ave. The airplanes have been clearing out in the year 1989, the year of it's closing.
This tiny little airport was home to 200 airplanes. Yes, 200!


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Mom's "Old Pirate Lane" Book, 2004
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