From Mom's, Gwen Runyard's Book: Old Pirate Lane, Huntington Beach, Ca.

"PREFACE: Old Pirate Lane" 

This is a quick resume about our
little Lane. Visitors to the Lane often
ask us about its beginning, and, as we
(the Runyards) seem to have been living
here the longest, I thought it time to set
down just a few of the things I
remember, or have, in asking questions,
been able to hear other scraps of
history. I am sure all who live on this
rustic lane are used to visitors saying
they would like to live here!!!
I hope you enjoy this short, and by
no means, complete rural history.
Old Pirate Lane looking East toward Meadowlark Golf Course, 1958.
On the far end of Old Pirate lane (East) is our mail boxes which 
were on the other side of Graham Street.
The line of eucalyptus trees which Ester Hamilton
planted in 1946-47 clearly visible on left.
5451 is in the building stage and the Graves' garage,
a Mercury Outboard meeting room clearly visible.
The young pepper tree on the right, The old
farmhouse barely visible on the right behind a
very large avocado & oak tree.
Roy's garage visible on the near left.




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2011 Google image.
Roy's garage still at left, covered by large bush.


Line of eucalyptus trees which Ester Hamilton planted.
Graves' garage, Pepper Tree, Roy's garage
The water well is now underground.



From the 2004 Book, "OLD PIRATE LANE"
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