In the old days from the spot where the well is now, and looking up the lane towards Graham, all that property on this south side of the land belonged to Carl and Virginia Steverson who owned and lived in the big red farm house, which, even though down Old Pirate Lane, did face Graham, so, they had a Graham Street address. Since then the Steversons' land has been divided. The most eastern piece that faced Graham was sold to the Goldens, #16707 Graham, even though it stretched approximately 100 feet down Old Pirate Lane.. 
The Goldens planted six banana trees on the edge of their property so that our view of the oncoming traffic was blocked. Our sons, I'm told with help from Van Steverson, cut six of the leaves so we would be able to see the street a little better. Of course we were sued. Our insurance took care of that.

The Goldens eventually sold to Drs. Stan and Jovita Rosenblatt in 1969, with their children, Rob and Lisa.
In 1953 the Steversons had moved into the farmhouse with their two children, Vickie and her brother Van. Virginia continued to feed the screeching peacocks in a small shed on the western side of the garage cum barn.

By 1955 the well had been moved to its present spot and the windmill transplanted to the south of the Steverson's garage. In June, 1963 they moved to live on their ranch out of Escondido, the 'Guajito'. This Rancho was part of a previous Mexican Land Grant which came from a Mexican-Indian word "guaji" (Nahuatl language), and the name usually means acacia tree, but it can also mean something small and insignificant. 
Carl and Virginia had sold the big fannhouse and property to Dick and Mary LaRue (he was a real estate broker who also Liked horses) and the LaRues, in turn, partitioned a part of their western property, and sold it in 1968.

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