Traveling westward from the Tovatts, (the comer house) towards the airport, the next plot, a 70' x 200' building site, now, #5451, became the Runyards..
In 1955 when walking west I noticed that the lot (#5441) next door to ours, was where the noisy water well was located; but the windmill, which was not working any more was bought, and now over behind the Steverson's garage. In 1953, the Steverson's bought and lived in the large red farm house At this time, and still standing, were a few remains of an old burnt out house in the Grove. An old Indian couple bad lived here. Also, on #5441 there stood another old red barn (garage). This, of course, caught my eye immediately, however I would not want to put up with a noisy pump. Early in 1958 either Carl Steverson, and/ or the Grahams relocated the pump, and had it repositioned at the edge of Steverson's property on the south side of the lane.

Not long after we bought our lot, the one next door #5441, was sold, to Helen and Lee
Hartley. They both loved the country atmosphere, but, because it is a private rural road, no bank would advance the money to build. There was electricity to the Lane but as yet no gas lines.

We were fortunate as the choice of all the lots was ours, but we liked the first one best. I
tried my hardest to have Bob buy the property next door but, being conservative when talking
money, he did not agree to that purchase. I was big, fat, and pregnant but managed to interview
and visit several building companies looking for a good one and found one called 
Jaxon Homes.
I had interviewed one particular construction company which to me was not the best 
in its field, for when I visited some sites they were in the process of building, I noted that 
the wood they used in door and window sashes was often cracked - somehow this did 
not seem to be the kind of work that should be in our home. Jaxon Homes built our house
in 1958-59, and we moved in on 27th April, 1959 with sons Robert, Richard, Bruce and John.

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