By the time I arrived on the scene (1955) the Hamiltons, together with sons Dennis and Gary had returned to their original house, # 16701, built m 1946. The two Hamilton boys attended the only High School for miles around, that is the one on Main Street in downtown Huntington Beach, built m 1921 with oil money At this time there were many oil wells throughout Huntington, especially up on Edwards Hill. The High School tower, built m 1926, called the Bell Tower, was visible and a guide for ships along the coast. The school was of course called the Huntington Beach High School. Students from all the areas adjacent - the farming community of Fountain Valley, (then known as Talbert), Westminster, Seal Beach, Sunset Beach, Ocean View and of course Huntington Beach, all attended this high school.
Clarence Walters is the present owner of # 16701 Garham Street



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