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This load bank was with our 1957 CFR engine with attached DC Dyno Motor. It operates on 250 VDC. It drives/absorbs power from a 230 VDC electric motor rated at 3.75 HP at 600 RPM and a maximum speed of 1250 RPM. We drive the dyno motor with a modern motor controller now. The gauge that indicates power is missing, but everything else seems to be complete. I'l entertain any offers especially F1/F2 cylinder parts. We do not have any more room to store this and I do not want to see it scrapped. I do not have much information on this part, but it appears to have come with the engine.

I did not know how rare that the CFR engine with attached dyno motor was. Mark at MKE engines said that he had only seen one such engine. If you would like any information on our setup for curiosity sake, feel free to ask. I have attached a picture of the current setup. Our engine is currently setup with Megasquirt fuel injection, in cylinder pressure measurement, intake flow measurements, and full emissions testing equipment. 

Jackson Wolfe 


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Created: Dec. 18, 2013