Octane Engine Pictures # 1

Guiding Research Engine to base John here, getting ready to plant

the 400 lb engine onto our old 3-C

engine base. This engine is used as a

spare backup Research Method.

We got this one for free as one of our

large laboratories back east closed.


Bruce Lockett helping with the installation Mr. Bruce Lockett helping with the

installation of the engine back in

July of 1996. This poor engine sat

outside for over a year (covered

some what) until we had enough

time to start the installation.

Yes, Bruce is a character, and fun guy to work with.

Bruce Lockett running the lab's Reearch Engine Bruce adding a fuel sample to

# 3 carburetor bowl. It takes

about half a quart of gasoline

to get a "RON" or Research

Octane Number.

Running the ASTM D 2700 Running an Octane Number

on the Research Engine,

( ASTM D 2700 ). It takes about

8 minutes if you're set up in the

correct octane range.

Note: RON + MON

over 2 = ROAD OCTANE

listed on gas pumps.


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