Octane Engine Pictures # 2

Out with the Upright Panels Before:

This is the main Motor Method

Engine with it's original 1940's

upright panel (except for the huge

light bulb I put on top of it).

Tom & Greg installing the new LabCon computer & console After:

Moving right along into the 90's.

Tom Jones & Greg Phillips from

Core Labs installing a new

Waukesha console & Core's

"Labcon" computer system.

A $45,000 upgrade for 1 of

the 2 engines upgraded.

Installing Microns on backup engines. Main Research Method:

Old Upright panel being removed to make way

for the more modern Waukesha Console,

available since the 1950's.

Tom Jones ( not the singer ) says this engine

panel ( 56 years old ) should be in a

museum (shaking his head).

Running the ASTM D 2700 Back ( spare ) Motor Method:

Another upgrade. This engine is getting the 17 year old "Microns", (microprocessor ) taken off the main engine in the above picture. It took a lot of effort and knowledge to piece this thing together but thanks to Tom & Greg it works great!


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