Octane Engine History, Part 2

First CFR Engine, Hand Crank sideFirst CFR Engine, Spark Plug side

Above: The first CFR engine completed in 1929

In December 1928, the CFR Committee accepted the basic Waukesha Motor
Company design. The first engine was designed, built, tested and delivered
to Detroit in under 45 days.

Note: Historic Landmark.
This CFR engine is the first international and 49th historic landmark to be
designated since the program began in 1973.

CFR members, 1931

This group photo, circa 1931, shows various cooperative fuel research
committee members with the early CFR.

Early 1930's

G.A. Hope, left, of Socony Vacuum Oil Co., and A.C. Rodgers of
the National Bureau of Standards, operate a CFR unit during the
early 1930's in a CFR Committee evaluation program.

Waukesha, early 1930's

This group is engaged in a cooperative test program at Waukesha in the
early 1930's. They are validating a test procedure on the new CFR units.

1938 Cetane Engine, ASTM D613
( 38 on picture, guessing it's 1938. )
This looks like our Cetane Engine, before upgrading to cfr48 in 1980.
( still using the same air heater from this one. New style on order. )

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