Corrections to Runyard Reunion, Runyard History from
Leonard Runyard of Hordle , England.      ( Feb. 1999 )
Len has been a great source of information and I thank him very much for all the
help and information he has given to my Dad and myself. Thank You Len.
Dear John,

   Regarding more information, there are one of two comments I would like to make. Your site will be the centre of Runyard history for the Runyards in the USA; because of this there are a couple of corrections in your account which I need to make.
  John Runnier, and his family, fled from South-West  France, via the Channel Islands which are sited off the coast of France - but are part of the United Kingdom, landing at Lulworth Cove, West Lulworth, Dorset.  Unknown to them they had landed in one of the most Catholic parts of England (since 1533, the Protestant religion had been the official religion of England - the law being cruelly enforced).  At East Lulworth Castle (the old one - the new one was built in 1608)  was where the Howard family lived (still the leading catholic family in England - with the Duke of Norfolk, England's premier Duke at its helm).
   The realization of this must have been a shock - but, despite this, they remained in the area, Jean Runnier taking his family to Winfrith Newburgh, some six miles from West Lulworth.    Here the family remained until the death of Jean Runnier in 1588; Jean was buried in the churchyard of St. Christopher's Church, at Winfrith Newburgh.

       On the evening of May 28th. 1989, a large group of Runyards (including your splendid parents) after a meal at the Red Lion Hotel in Winfrith Newburgh from where my grandmother , Frances Foot , daughter of John Foot, the owner (a retired farmer), left for her marriage, in 1868, to my grandfather, Ambrose Runyard, the younger brother of your ancestor, Augustine (known as Austin).
     After a splended meal we made what was really a pilgrimage to St. Christopher' Church; it was dusk when we arrived and the churchyard had a very special atmosphere after a hot English spring day; of course there was no way of knowing where Jean' grave was, but we were all aware of him - and we hoped that he was aware of us. That remarkably brave old man who fled with his family to a strange land -a land where the French were particularly unpopular (the French were the traditional enemies of the English (not the Scots - who were the allies of France).

      Because of this association with winfrith Newburgh - I would be grateful if you would include some of this information in your web site. It would be a shame if any Runyards visiting Dorset, England, to see the land of their ancestors - failed to follow the Runnier tail from Lulworth Cove to Winfrith Newburgh - which is a particularly attractive village filled with thatched roofed cottages.
        Well John, I have much more to say - but will close now and contact you again another day.   Just include this information as an addition; one of several which i hope to send you from time-to-time.
        I have happy memories of meeting you, and your family, on my enjoyable visit to Southern California. I remember, particularly, Travis's flying, and accurate fingers, on his computer: sure he must hold the world  age record for speed typing! I also remember how pretty Jessie is (as Travis is handsome), and her highly intelligent answers - given after careful thought!

             You will hear from me again shortly.

        Love to all    ..............................Len

( NOTE: Len has since passed away. My condolences to Len's family. John )
Len Runyard 1926-2010
This plaque is on a parkway bench near where Len taught school. It states:
"To whom so many athletes past and present are indepted.
The inspiration behind Eton AC and it's successors."

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