Welcome,  to John Runyard's Family Genealogy Index. This ever expanding
history data base is due to you, & research my dad , Robert D. Runyard,
 Leonard Runyard of Hordle , England and David Jones of Illinois have acquired.
( Len is a major source of this Runyard research. Thank you Len :)
I want to thank them all for the time and trips to England to be able to have
the most accurate data possible. I hope these pages help with your quest.

Richard Fuzzy Runyard   Richard "Fuzzy" Runyard

Cancer took my brother this year too.
May the pain stop here.
Rest is peace my dear brother.

Oh Mom, I'm so sad you're gone. I know you and Pop are both skiing 
the white clouds of heaven. But I still miss you. 
Your friends miss you too. Link for Mom's friends:


Robert Donald Runyard
1922 - 2012

I lost my Dad this year.
He almost made it to his 90th Birthday.

Rest In Peace, Pop

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There are some local links, ( on left column ) to the Runyard / Runnier
Family Tree, Photos, Letters and other Runyard History.
One letter
( 4 pages ) from Pop telling about the 1989 Runyard Reunion in England &
about Runyard History, starting about 1520. Runyard Family Tree and more...

 Months after Pop passed, my oldest brother & I were trying to inventory his four car garage that is filled with everything except cars ( and the apple doesn't fall from the tree ether! ) We found a large box of letters dating to 1900 and a hundred photographs dating from late the 1800's to 1942. I was ecstatic. 167, 3x5 negatives were in the box also. I have been scanning these and have started to add them to the 

A chilling 1858 letter written by Richard Runyard b. 1805  CLICK:

 Runyard data from LDS in Salt Lake City. ( Page 1 & Page 2 )
( see RUNYARD, Ann c:26 Feb 1729. Note that this is first evidence
of change from RUNNIER TO RUNYARD )

 Excerpts from the Diary of Henry Rolls (1803-1877)
Henry was the best friend of Richard Runyard (1805-1866), our ancestor and,
because of this, there are many references to the Runyard family in the diary.
Henry's son married a daughter of Richard, so there was a family relationship.
This diary has some very fascinating stories of life in the 1800's. CLICK:

Runyard photos, old & new. Including The 1989 Wareham England Runyard
group photo. Very cool. CLICK:

                                 Family: Meet The Runyard's
A rare sight, all the brothers in one place at one time. My brother's 
live from Washington State, to Panagonia, South America.

Close Ups:
Now you can read the text on the infamous 1989 Reunion Tea towel
with great clarity. CLICK:

 A trip back to Pop's home town in Waverly Iowa, and a visit a the 1860's
Runyard built barn(s)
One featured, photographed before demolition. CLICK:

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If you have your Runyard family tree, no matter how far it dates back, my Dad
and I would like to see it. Email me, John or my Dad, Robert D. Runyard to review
this information. I would like to possibly scan it and add it to this Runyard
Genealogy index with your permission. Many Runyard's have looked here
already, looking for information about the past. The more info we have,
the better chance the on-line researcher ( like yourself ) will find a link to his
or her genealogy.
Take a look at all the folks in the
Guestbook , Runyard's, from all over the world.
Be sure to add your name and the place you live too.

Don't let family history fade into a box of papers / photographs  that no
one knows about, or it may end up in the rubbish bin, lost forever.
If you have additions, information, or comments, feel free to email John below.

This Runyard Genealogy site has been on the geocities server since 1998.
Because Geo is a free website, it contained "ad's". So Three years ago my
Brother Robert & I went half's in our own site server at www.runyard.org
While I'll keep a Runyard Genealogy page / link  at geo, I'm slowly going to be
migrating many of the web pages to the "ad free" RUNYARD.ORG site.
I will continue to update both sites, www.johnrunyard.com & www.runyard.org
Let me know if any of these photo or page links fails to work.

 I'm John E. Runyard. Retired after 35 years with big oil. Divorced. Two grown kids, Travis & Jessica. They are both hard workers. Working and or going to University, or both. 
I love my hobbies, such as gardening, desert / mountain motorcycling, Jeep & Buggy riding. One of my favorite spots, my friend's place in the high desert. Click HERE to view some of our adventures.

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