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This is a letter that Pop wrote in 1989 telling of their trip to England,
The 1989 Runyard Reunion in Wareham, & of early
Runyard History.
(  Good Stuff ! )

DECEMBER., 1989                             Page IV

 Because there was no way that I could ever remember all the family data that Len related during our stay in England, I have asked his help in writing a family history. He would write the French and English family history, and I, with perhaps help from some of you, write the American family history. In order to keep the scope within reason, what I have in mind is to have the American portion cover only those that came to America thru 1857 and their children. Additional family history could be provided by the interested family branches. I would appreciate knowing if you have an interest in this and if you could help in providing some of that early history in America. some of you have already helped in this regard. My thought is not to publish a book, but merely to use Xerox type copies with a simple and inexpensive binding. Copies would be provided at cost to those wishing them. Let me know your thoughts on this. Incidentally, Len has not committed himself to this project; so I cannot make any promises. If it is started it will no doubt take several years to complete.

Gwen and I went back to E. Lulworth the next day and visited the home, Shaggs Cottage, that RICHARD,b.1805 lived in during the days he held the trusted position at the estate. It is a thatched roof cottage located next door to his office at the "Manor Yard'". We also visited East Manor, which was the hunting lodge Just up the road from his home. We also found the home that he lived in prior to Shaggs Cottage. This was located in the East Gate House in the old days the main entrance to the castle. It was a wonderful feeling, being able to walk the ground and visit the places where our ancestors lived and worked. I wish you all could have been there.

Our last day in England we visited Compton Gardens and then stopped by to say goodbye to Len and his sisters, Joan and Sue. We can't thank them enough for what they have done for all of us.

Len presented me with the chart that hung on the wall during the reunion, showing "How the Runyard family members are related to George Washington". Part of the chart is in color and part printed by Len. I have reduced it to roughly one half the original size and enclosing a copy for each of you. Obviously, I can't send these to all the Runyard’s in America; so I am trusting that you will provide copies for others in your family and that they will provide copies for others. (copies alone in 1988 cost me over $300, not to mention postage.)

I am also enclosing a copy of a lithograph and photo of Lulworth Castle. The lithograph is a copy of the print presented to me by Len at the Reunion. I believe the caption below the prints is self explanatory.

One more enclosure: Information on how to order the *Runnier Runyard
Family Tree" TEA TOWEL. Len Runyard and Tony Runyeard (yes Tony's name is
spelled: RUNYEARD) designed the tea towel. Not every Runyard is shown that
would take a sheet but all the known branches are shown. It is beautifully
done and worth the money if you are interested in Runyard genealogy. If you
order one, be sure and send CASH as they charge to cash checks written on U.S.
banks. You could send a bank draft in British Pounds, but that would cost you
an extra $6 or more at your bank. Please make copies of this and send on to your
other relatives.
I wish that more of you could have been with us. Even though I had been
to this area twice before, I saw and learned so many new things, We also
found that 5 weeks was not enough and we are returning in the spring of 1991
"God willing and the creek don't rise.*

A Merry Christmas and a Happy Now Year to All.


Robert D. Runyard, (b.1922)