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 Pink Trailer Mine

Then & Now

The year was 1983. While out exploring the desert with the bikes and buggy.
came upon a faint trail, we followed this trail through deep sand washes
and a twisting rocky path. Spinning the rear tire on my XT250 like
crazy, trying to
get over a long soft stretch of sand in the narrow canyon
until we came upon this lonely
pink trailer, in the middle of nowhere.

39 kb, Pink Trailer Mine 1983
It turned out to be a mining camp & time capsule of the 1950's.
1967 was the date
on the last newspaper found inside. This amazed the
hell out of us, sitting
here unmolested for the 16 or so years. Still supplied with gallons of
water, lined up on the  kitchen counter and food packages with price tags listing
$.17 and $.23, prices of long ago. The trailer was being used while digging a gold
mine about 250 feet into the mountain. The tailings can be seen above the trailer.


24 kb, Jessie at the entrance to the mine.

 Jessica stands at the entrance to the mine. More bottled water was stored in here. Years painted on
the inside walls showed how far this person
had dug each year. He was probably mining for gold, as there is a lot of quartz rock in the mine.



Mine entrance.
Heavy timbers shore up
the beginning.

Note the water bottles,
they have been sitting
there for over 33 years.

(  2003 photo  )


Steve & Brian, 1983


The mine is mostly intact over the past 22 years. The glass bottled water
 is largely undisturbed. Although someone has removed the 250' of ore cart track.
Just what are people thinking?

1950's Time Capsule, as Found in 1983

How it looked in 1997. Unfortunately the inside was trashed
by thoughtless idiots.

Just when we thought it couldn't get worse...
As it stands today in this 2005 Photo.

2005. Danny stands in the doorway of the
lonely 1947 travel trailer.


1983, How the inside used to  look before the vandals.
( Brian had hair in 1983 ! )

18 kb; 1983, Brian's got hair !





Yes, disappointing. We knew it was only a matter of time before other people
found this time capsule, but this is ridiculous.


21 kb, In the middle of no-where

The trailer is seen here in the middle. They must have used a Caterpillar tractor to get this 1947 trailer up this sandy canyon.



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