"Orchard Run"
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 John's Southern California Desert Buggy Adventures.
Buggy ride. The last ride of this season. 103F
temperatures this weekend marks the end of the season
for us. But we enjoy the outing, always.
Hey, didn't I just say that?

The boys are checking things out. Hum...odd place for a boat.



Mike standing by a uh, what ever it is.


Now, there's always something interesting to look at in the desert.
And when we say look, that's all we do. Everywhere we travel,
we are visiting history. Well preserved in this dry desert.



It's me, John. And don't say I'm funny looking. That
hat serves a great purpose, to keep the hot sun off my neck & ears!



"Hey, do you have to drive so close?"
And so it's off to the sand hill.


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July 10th, 2003

Updated July 10, 2003, 5/11/2017

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