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Why Donate:
Since Steve's Place is basically a non-profit "Campground",
"Playground", the best darn off-roading resort this side of Nevada! 
We all use Steve & Linda's Place, trucked in Water ( after the purchase of another water truck & water ),
trucked in bottled LPG, Paint, Fireworks!, maintenance supplies & maintenance man Robert,
upkeep on storage batteries, controllers, surveillance equipment etc.
This all costs Steve & Linda big bucks, minus the local donations you put in the donation box.

Convenience, how many times you meant to drop some bills in the box, but forgot ?
I know I have, to many times, it's embarrassing to say.

This web donation stuff was not Steve & Linda's idea at all, but mine.
I'm not trying to make anyone make a donation. I'm just making it
more than easy for people like me to give a little something to help out
Steve's Place.

Where does this connection go ? PayPal. This is a PayPal  account setup in Steve
and Linda's names. When you donate, a confirming email from PayPal will be
generated and sent to Steve & Linda's email.
Additionally, or option actually, is a comment box on your donation page
to leave Steve & Linda a little thank you note / comment.
So give it a try ! It's fun to give !

Donations for Steve's Place: 

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The above button goes to a secure page at PayPal

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Created April 28th, 2004

Updated Aug. 9th, 2013