John E. Runyard's Collection: Old Pirate Lane, Huntington Beach, Ca.

"The Horses of Old Pirate Lane" 

Supplement to Mom's Old Pirate Lane Book 
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The Runyard's, 1961
Welcome to Horse Country!
I'm on the white pony "Sugar". It would bite me, kick me, and step on me. Not my favorite.
The 1960's on Old Pirate was a time of house building, kids and horses.
( and milk bottles on the porch, from Ed's Dairy! ) 

Horses were everywhere. Local families, Runyard's, Tovatt's, Picard's, Son's, Hufstetler's,
Marino's, and on the other side of the grove, The Stellrecht's had horses.
This Photo: 4-H horse group in the staging area, Runyard's backyard. Pop Runyard Horse Leader,
and brother Bruce on his horse "Duke". Sorry I don't have the other names... Larry Pomada? 
Maybe my brother will remember some names...

Kathy Stellrecht heads out on the ride with the 4-H group. About 1965.

My dear friend, Kim Son with her Dad, Keith. 
This spot now occupies 5412 Old Pirate Lane. Technically, Old Pirate Drive now after our 
thoughtful city members decided all East/West "Lanes" will now be called "Drive". Go figure.

I think we'll call this the "OPL Gang"
Left: I believe is Liz Picard, next Susan Tovatt, followed by someone, then Kim Son and someone.
This is behind Son's house on the Meadowlark Airport East/West runway, not the main L16. 

Whoa! Well at least she stays on.  Gotta have some fun!

And she's off!



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