Nancy HORI 5391

The last lot, #5391 on the north side of Old Pirate Lane has a small house, 
also built by the George Construction Company, probably in the late 60's or 
early 70's for a Mr. And Mrs. Golino from Italy. They lived there for 
several years. They also built a garage on the opposite side of the street, 
just west of the well. Later they moved to this garage - made an apartment 
out of it but the last we heard about them was they were having some trouble 
with a patent - do not remember what it was all about. They may have 
returned to Italy. They did grow a great garden and often offered me broad 
beans which they grew profusely.

The next owners of #5391 were Loren and Nancy Hufstetler ~ two chi1dren~ Susan and Dean. After several years and a divorce Loren left to live in Scotland and Nancy moved to White Fish, Montana where she owned and managed a B&B. Meanwhi1e, the house was sold to Mike
Mossler in 1989. It is now rented out to Nancy Hori.

1960-61. Looking North from Meadowlark Airport. Dennis and Gary Hamilton with my brothers. 
Looks like they are getting ready fly a model airplane.



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