Gwen Runyard's 2004 Book, "Old Pirate Lane"

"Old Pirate Lane"
Huntington Beach, California

This is from Mom's ( Gwen Tremain Runyard ) book she printed
back in 2004. Mom has seen a lot of changes to this area
in the past 55+ years and thought others would be interested
in OPL's past.

Mom, a Writer, Poet, lived here from 1958 until she
passed in 2013 at age 90. Still writing and going to school!
Thanks Mom for all your writings and photos.
Thank you for preserving this areas history for others
to learn and enjoy.

I, ( son, John ) will add more pictures and stories as
they surface. If you have an old picture of your house / horse,
person / people or story,  please send it in
to me, email would be just fine.
runyard at yahoo dot com

The street name was changed by the city a few years ago.
Something about emergency crews not knowing which
way to go... and in the time of "GPS" yet...
How did we ever survive?!
So your little lane is now a drive.
Welcome to:
Old Pirate Lane Drive.

John Runyard





From Mom's 2004 Book, "OLD PIRATE LANE"
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Updated: 10/01/2013, 02/02/2016

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