WIAN 5441
   The Hartley's property sold to a Mr. and Mrs. Barnes, thereafter he was always known as
Barney. He still owned a business in Signal Hill, but had retired. Before building they pulled
down that lovely old red barn on the north west corner of the property - it was such a good
representation of the architecture of by-gone days that I hated to see it demolished.. Barney's
house was large and the floors were terrazzo which took many days of grinding and polishing
to achieve the beautiful surface. The pool was built at the same time as the house, as was a
garage where the old barn used to be. Barney died first and Mrs. Barnes spent a lot of time
across the street with her friend Maggie Picard. After Mrs. Barnes died her granddaughter
and husband lived in the house for several months before it was sold in 1982 to Dr. Norman and Mrs. Marsha Vinn. During the years here they had three girls, Vanessa, Danielle and by the time they moved, their youngest, Lilly was six years old. They now live in San Clemente.

The house #5441 was sold in 1999 to Mr.& Mrs. Wian.



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