Waukesha "ASTM D 909 " Aviation Fuel Test Engine


This is a picture of a 1942
Waukesha "3-C" Supercharged, Aviation Fuel Test Engine. This is the Standard Test Engine (ASTM D 909) used around the world for testing anti-knock qualities of fuel used in reciprocating aviation engines to this day. This Engine room was built and engine installed during World War II and was used up until 1992 when our Refinery stopped making Avgas.


 This Supercharged Aviation Fuel Test Engine ran leaded Iso Octane as a reference fuel. We would " bracket " the sample, ( avgas ) with reference fuels that ran higher & lower than that of the avgas & interpolate the " Rich Performance Number " from the known Performance Numbers of the reference fuels. The fuel we made was the 115/145 Avgas. This fuel would be leaded with 2.00 grams of lead per gallon. The boost on the supercharged engine would sometimes reach 50 inches or more at a steady 1800 RPM. The coolant temperature was a scorching 375 degrees F. The " Lean Performance Number " ( the 115 ), would be run on the Octane Motor Method Engine using leaded reference fuels ( Iso Octane ). Although this test took hours to run the various reference fuels and the Avgas, it was fun to run with it's control board that looked like it was from the engine room of the Titanic. The 3C is still used worldwide (although new ones have the aid of a computer).
   Gene Carranza at the controls of the Supercharged
   Test Engine. ( 1992 )

The Engine Gang, Kent Thorington, Bruce Lockett, John Runyard & Gene Carranza.

Our Engine gang. From the left: Kent Thorington**, Bruce Lockett, John Runyard
& Gene Carranza*. Picture taken in 1993.

(* Retired 1997, Passed away 2012. RIP Gene. You were a good man. )

(**Retired 1994, Passed away 2003. Kent Thorington, my friend and mentor,
Kent you will be dearly missed )


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