Byron Knight
New Zealand

Available to repair, service or install your CFR equipment.

Aircraft Engineer with 45 yrs aircraft maintenance and overhaul background including 15 yrs CFR experience.
Supporting oil company laboratories CFR engines in New Zealand.
Available to repair, service or install your CFR equipment.
Have re-located and re-installed and overhauled CFR48, High Speed and Low Speed systems,
Can re-metal and line bore early crank-cases to save costs. Also have precision profile to re-grind high speed or CFR 48 camshafts.

Can make four burette wall dispenser cabinet with hood and drain tray and use facet pumps which is a far cheaper option.

If your engine still had oil pressure and hasn't grossly overheated then it will almost certainly be repairable.

I'll have for sale in November a 1948 High Speed Ron/Mon which has done 3000 hrs only.
Including two near new cylinders, a refrigerated air cooling unit, a modern console and electronic ignition.
All dimensions within new book figures.
Set up for USA 60 htz, but could possibly convert to 50 htz as have some parts.

Contact Byron Knight in Masterton, New Zealand e-mail

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