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 Digital Timing Indicator:
Digital Timing Indicator THTI4.2 The THTI4.2 is a microprocessor-based high precision ignition timing and RPM indicator. Features: - Simultaneous Indicating of RPM and DEG - Accurate Measurement of Ignition Timing - Precise Digital Readout of Engine Timing Degrees - Accurate Tachometer - Sensor Failure Indication The Digital Timing Indicator give a numerical readout of the ignition system timing point in degrees before or after top dead center. Input signals are from no.1 cylinder and a magnetic pickup to sense a top dead center reference. The RPM and DEG values are displayed simultaneously on a backlighted LCD display. Electrical Specifications: Power requirement: 90-230V AC, 50-60 Hz or 100V-300V DC, 1VA-0.5VA or 1W-500mW Timing Angle Measurement Measurement Range: 0 to 179 (360 Degrees) with 1 Degree increment readout Internal Measurement Accuracy: 0.1 DEG Tachometer Tachometer range: 100 RPM to 2000 RPM with 1 RPM increment readout Internal Measurement Accuracy: 0.1 RPM Temperature Compensated Reference Oscillator Ambient temperature range: -20C to +70C (limited by LCD display operating temperature range) Sensor Inputs are compatible with all Magnetic Pickup and VR Sensors with the following specifications: - Magnetic Pickup Pulse Output Requirements for RPM Input: 5V peak min. @ 1mA min. - VR Sensor Pulse Output Requirements for IGN Input: 30V peak min. @ 1mA min.

See the PDF File, description and photos HERE

Contact: Istvan Antal

See the PDF File, description and photos HERE


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