Advanced Transportation Associates LLC  (ATA)


Advanced Transportation Associates LLC  (ATA)

CFR Engine/ Petroleum Laboratory Specialist

 Calvin G. Phillips Senior Engineer/ CFR Engine Specialist/Inline Blending Specialist.

 Earl Adonis Senior Engineer/CFR Engine Specialist/Bench Work Specialist.

 William James Milner CEO
14940 Pete Dye St.
Moreno Valley, CA 92555-6333

 Research Octane No, ASTM D2699/ISO 5163 and Motor Octane No, ASTM  D2700/ISO 5164, is a measure of the resistance to burn of petroleum (gasoline) in spark ignition internal combustion engines. It is only a measure of the fuel’s tendency to burn in a controlled manner.

 Cetane No. ASTM D613/ISO 5165, the measure of combustion quality of  diesel fuel during compression ignition/ignition delay, the time period between the start of injection and start of combustion (ignition) of the fuel.

 We have 40 years experience.  Trained by Core Labs Refinery Systems (Princeton, NJ), Waukeshau CFR engine Division (Waukeshau, WI.) and Ethyl Corp. (Long  Beach, CA).

BS degree in Chemistry and Biology.  Retired High School Chemistry Teacher.

 Service includes Top Head and Crank Case overhaul, Carbon blasting, Carburetor, rebuilding, Micron/LabCon operations, and Inline refinery blending, also CFR engine installation, operating, maintenance, troubleshooting and training.  All services include ASTM  procedures. 


Phone: 951-243-7651, FAX: Same, Cell: 951-323-8561.







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