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We have received more meters in for repair and have successfully repaired them. We are using new replacement parts for the repairs on meters 501T and 501C, power supplies and heater controllers.

burnt_501 burnt_Temp_Controller

We are also willing to work on the meters deemed unrepairable by others.

Repaired 501 Repaired Temp Controller

Stanco scientific has been repairing 501C and T’s and temperature controllers for a few years now. Here are a few before and after photo’s of our work.

We are working daily to add consistency to the meters as much as possible. We pioneered the use of a new style linear power supplies that won’t have the sagging problems that the old Waukesha power supply had. This gives the meters a nonfluctuating power for a more reliable and consistent operation. We feel that no meter is too badly damaged as you can see from the before and after photo’s. Both meters were returned in almost completely new condition fully tested and certified to their owners at a fraction of a new parts price.

Our contact info is:

Paul Stankiewicz

StanCo Scientific Inc.
5527 East US Route 6
Unit 103C
Morris, IL 60450

P: 815-416-1422



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