Mom's Letter about Pop's passing - funeral, 2012

                                                                        Huntington Beach, California 2012.


Hello there,


         As I believe I had mentioned before that Bob had been slowly failing, these past 6-12 months have been extremely difficult for him - resulting in his death on Thursday 23rd February, just 16 days short of his 90th birthday.  He was in such pain for too long.   Our 3rd son Bruce with wife Jackie and grandchild Anna flew down from Washington State, the eldest, Robert had trouble getting out of Patagonia, but finally made it two days before the funeral.   Our second son, Richard and wife Tinie and 16 year old Sean from Riverside, California and the youngest and the one living nearest to us, John, all gathered around.  Wonder of wonders my niece arrived from Auckland (NZ) - the day before the funeral.  Believe me the “gathering of the clan” was very special, and oh, so helpful for me.  I am not sure if Bob knew the family had gathered around but I do know there were times when I was visiting him and holding his hand that he returned the squeeze of my hand.

         The week before his passing the sons were instrumental in finding the best Hospice House for their Dad, and it had to be close, so that I did not have so far too drive.  I certainly appreciated their thoughtfulness.  They were all so helpful.

         I thought you might like to see the brochure all sons designed (a friend did a super job of printing it) which was given out at the Chapel Service on 5th March, 2012.   After the Service the folded U.S. flag was presented to me by the uniformed servicemen after Taps.   Our three older boys stood at attention during that ceremony, remembering their days in the Service,  in full dress uniform, all listening to that bugle call.  A very moving moment.

         After that ceremony we returned to find the reception room ready with its refreshments.  There was plenty of time to visit and all the sons had worked hard to have a presentation of their father’s life on all 5 video screens around the room.  Very effective and very well done.    The room was quite crowded and it was very pleasant to be able to meet and talk to many of those present.  I think we were all a bit exhausted at the end of the afternoon.

         I apologize I have not had the time (or the strength) to write to you before now.   I hope to regain some of my energy - well - at least the doctor tells me I will  - and I certainly hope so.

         Many thanks to all for the beautiful cards and flowers which have arrived  - they are all so beautiful - I will treasure those memories.   Now, as we all know, life will go on, but I did want to let you know I appreciate the way so many helped me cope through these recent weeks.



Thanks again,  Gwen




Photos by Mom's Granddaughter, Anna


Obituary for Robert D. Runyard - 
Runyard, Robert Donald, 89, of Huntington Beach, passed 
away February 23, 2012 in Huntington Beach. 
Robert was a retired mechanical engineer; he served in 
the Marine Corps in the Pacific during WW ll. 
He is survived by his beloved wife, Gwen, sons Robert, 
Richard, Bruce and John: grandchildren Robin, 
Sean, Anna, Travis, Jessica, and great grandchild, 
Victor, daughters-in-law Tinie and Jackie . 
Service will be held at Noon on Monday 5th March at 
Westminster Memorial Park, 14801 Beach Blvd. Westminster, Ca. 

My Father was born & raised in Waverly, Iowa.
After the war, he married Gwen, a New Zealander, settled in 
Southern California and raised four boys. Pop, ( Bob ) worked
as an engineer at AeroJet Ordnance, a job he thoroughly enjoyed.

Pop enjoyed skiing ( which Mom & Pop both did till nearly 80 years old )



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