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Obituary for Robert D. Runyard - 
Runyard, Robert Donald, 89, of Huntington Beach, passed 
away February 23, 2012 in Huntington Beach. 
Robert was a retired mechanical engineer; he served in 
the Marine Corps in the Pacific during WW ll. 
He is survived by his beloved wife, Gwen, sons Robert, 
Richard, Bruce and John: grandchildren Robin, 
Sean, Anna, Travis, Jessica, and great grandchild, 
Victor, daughters-in-law Tinie and Jackie . 
Service will be held at Noon on Monday 5th March at 
Westminster Memorial Park, 14801 Beach Blvd. Westminster, Ca. 

My Father was born & raised in Waverly, Iowa.
After the war, he married Gwen, a New Zealander, settled in 
Southern California and raised four boys. Pop, ( Bob ) worked
as an engineer at AeroJet Ordnance, a job he thoroughly enjoyed.

Pop enjoyed skiing ( which Mom & Pop both did till nearly 80 years old )

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Mom's Letter about Pop

Memory. A wonderful short video made by Pop's Granddaughter, Anna Rae Runyard. 

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