"Orchard Run"
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 John's Southern California Desert Buggy Adventures.
Buggy ride. The last ride of this season. 103F
temperatures this weekend marks the end of the season
for us. But we enjoy the outing, always.


Six buggy ride.
Left to right: Lisa, Scooter, John, George, Linda, Steve, Yvonne & Norm.
Mike and myself are on the wrong end of the lens for this shot.



Mike and his "one eyed buggy".
Roads are smooth except where local off road races have been.
Can you say, "Whoop de do's"



All stop. Glad there was shade for the buggies.
Nothing worse than a black seat sitting in 103F sun.



First aid on Norm.
After arrival at the orchard, Norm gets in a fight
with a barbed wire fence, and loses.



Mike spots a boat.  What a hell of a place for a boat !


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July 10th, 2003

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