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NEWS: December 2008:
Possible closure of the Johnson Valley OHV recreation
area by the proposed 29 Palms Marine Base expansion.

We are trying to protect the tradition of fun rides, great camping and quality
socializing. It is time to take a step forward and make it happen and with the
continued threat that OHV users face today.
The Marine Corps is looking to expand its training operations and have officially
started the process of appropriating approximately 421,270 acres of land, including a
large portion of Johnson Valley OHV Area. The transfer of these public lands
would be devastating to the OHV community and recreating public.
 It's time to step up and let them know where you stand.
write: Letter Campaigns:


 Welcome to our Southern California Desert adventures. Some of these pictures on these pages are " video capture " from  VHS-C & BETA camcorders. So they may be a little fuzzy, but the low kilo byte per picture is very low which is good for trying to load large web pages. Photo scans have been reduced in DPI so that their kilo byte ratio is on the low side also. So maybe be the time you're done reading this , the pictures will have loaded.  Anyway, here are a few pictures just to get started. Caution: The following pictures are not in any particular order.


picture loading ( 34 kb ) Up the mountain canyon trail(1998 ) scan

Travis on Hodaka. Riding up into a mountain canyon to find some water to play in.


33 kb picture loading....... Travis on 1969 Hodaka( 1996, video )

Travis on the 1969 Hodaka Ace 100.

 I bought this bike when I was in High School, about 30! years ago. This bike has been quite a trouble free bike from the start,  and still on the same tires I  might add. I was really pleased to have my son start riding this bike as not many from his generation will get the opportunity to ride these vintage dirt bikes. Besides, it will make him really notice and appreciate the changes in modern bikes when he gets a "real motorcycle". That may be some years off with new bike prices today. "I better oil that Hodaka chain again."



picture loading ( 12kb )
1997 Photo

 The desert is really a beautiful place. With it's miles of openness. Just pick any direction. New things to see that you would never see if you were on foot, ( just how many miles you think you would walk in the desert if no bikes were allowed ? not very many I bet ). Although we do like to hike among the giant rocks, exploring the sights. I wish this were my backyard 7 days a week.

 NOTE: The BLM ( bureau of land management ) is making more and more of our desert off limits to motorcycles. So far ( and they are not done yet ), the BLM has closed off over 20 MILLION acres of public land from motorcycles in California alone. You could hardly call it public anymore. Many people will never get to explore as much of the desert as we get to while riding our motorcycles. Motorcycles in moderation do not harm the desert if they use the trails & their brains.

A few BLM related links and stories

BLM Recreation?
they need to update their dead links

Topic: BLM - Sellout - Major Land Closure!!
800,000 acres in the Mojave Desert will be closed.

dead link...
(BLM) Desert District Office closes five California Off-highway vehicle (OHV) areas

California Desert District

Places to Go in Southern California

locked out of more of our public land.
They are slowly but methodically stealing our rights, freedom
and country from us!

Want to help? Click California League of Off Road
BlueRibbon Coalition
Americans for Responsible Recreational Access (ARRA)


The following is from the BLM site at the following link:

Sec. 9262.1 Penalties for unauthorized use, occupancy, or development of public lands.Under section 303(a) of the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976 (43 U.S.C. 1733(a)) any person who knowingly and willfully violates the provisions of Secs. 2801.3(a), 2812.1-3, 2881.3, or 2920.1-2(a) of this title, by using public lands without the requisite authorization, may be tried before a United States magistrate and fined no more than $1,000 or imprisoned for no more than 12 months, or both.

Conservationists, environmentalists, listen up.
One more thing about this desert tortoise issue, the one thing that
is the most threatening thing to "our" beloved desert tortoise, is crows.
Yes, the noisy old crow. They love to eat those loveable, quite
little baby desert tortoises. I'll sign any petition if you want to
get rid of those noisy things.


Aw dad, do we have to go?     26 kb picture loading(1996, video capture)

Aw dad, do we have to go home?                           


picture loading ( 18kb )( 1996, video )

On the trailer and ready for the

100+ mile journey home.

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