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Steve's Place

"Page Two"

The Village ~ Compound ~ Campground. "Steve's Place".
The above picture was taken with a 35mm camera by my Dad
and then scanned. Taken in the spring of 98.
Most of the other pictures are camcorder capture jpg's.
Warning: these pictures are not in any particular order.

Now that's a  flag !     21 kb Loading
Steve lowering the flag.
Talk about capturing the flag, this one is big
enough to cover a small house.


Exploring and Family Outings:

39 kb picture loading,...46 people ride

24 kb picture loading,...desert mine

Group of 46 found a creek to cool off in. (1998)

Abandon mine. Places like this are very interesting to
look at. This was photo was taken in 1998.
By 2005, everything is gone.


33 kb picture loading,...Steve & Linda overlooking desert / abandon mine. 32 kb picture loading,...buggy ride
Steve & Linda overlooking abandon mine. ( May 98 ) Bikes & Buggies, time to stretch our legs.

16 kb picture loading, The Bystrom's 36 kb loading,...Jo & Ed biking through the flowers of May 1983.
Brian & Mrs. "B" cruising in " SCHATZI " 1983, Jo & Ed biking through a canyon filled with wildflowers.


Desert floor at dusk,...25 kb picture loading
A view of the desert floor at dusk. Long shadows make it look like the lunar surface.


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