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Oh the rust. What have I got myself into!


As found. Large gapping holes in top half of body. Somewhat smaller holes mid and lower body.
No wonder everyone thought I was crazy bringing this thing home.

It was difficult to know were to start.


Grinding the rust off the places that were 
going to be bonded to was the place to start.
Next, weld welding rod onto what was left
of the rain gutter to support the fiberglass 
cloth and bondoglass filler.

That's not so ugly, and the rain will stay
on the outside of the Willys!
I reused the original window rubber,
although dry & cracking, this will be
a desert vehicle after all.

You should have seen the rust piled up in the interior walls, 2 1/2" deep. It was awful. But it did
not rust out the wall at that point. Amazing.


Photo  10/21/2000

It's now getting it's first paint.
After 6 yards of fiberglass cloth
and 6 lbs of Bondoglass filler.
Patching and sanding
has taken months.
It's not perfect by
long shot, but at least this
going to get a chance
at being
"On the Road Again"!

2015 Update: I have yet to find
a crack in any of the bondoglass!
Awesome product!


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