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Well, in Sept 99
This 51 Willys Left
Huntington Beach for
it's year of restoration.
Really it sat in the garage
a while until I had the
time, energy & motivation.
My wife didn't like it, my
kids didn't like it, but I did.
Course, when it looked like
this, I was a little scared too.

The rust is what scared me the most. I had never done body work in
my life. It turned out to be kind of fun and rewarding to see such a
rust bucket turn into a classic.    


So in March 2003 the
Willys left for it's new
home in the Mojave Desert.
A place where you have
room to breathe and
miles of trails to travel.


It's new home. Snow on the mountains, and cold as can be on the desert floor.
Wouldn't trade it for the city any day.
( except real windy days )


Time for a trail ride
down a sandy wash.
4WD is the only way
to travel in this part
of the desert.
The desert.
Always interesting
places to go and see.
And as long as you  travel
on the sand, it's a
smooth ride.

I've been riding
motorcycles out here for
over 30 years. I never
knew how enjoyable
it can be to ride in the
desert in something
warm and dry.


Dash picture.
Stock gauges:
Fuel gauge-not working.
Oil gauge-not working.
Amp & Water: Works !
Non stock gauges:
Volt - works.
Oil - works,
but lousy pressure at idle.


My son Travis
helps put the toys




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Created 11/20/2003

Updated 12/30/2014