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Party Weekend

Part 2

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The Morning After...
Pink Trailer Mine Ride


Boy, It's Bright Out Here !

Carlos, Norm & George

Discuss Morning Activities.


Guest Sign-In,

OK, Maybe They Are Looking At Pictures.


Let's Ride !

Now... Where did the rest
of our group go ?


Next Generation Riders:

Joey Falzon, Mike, Charlie & Davis

are Steve's Place seasoned Pro's.


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Arrival at the Pink Trailer Mine.

Patrons get a first hand look

at desert gold mining history.

This mine is from the 1950's


Those Miners sure

had a nice view.


This An' it no Knott's Berry Farm, but

the real thing. This mine continues

about 200 feet in.  Blasting caps were

 found in the mine back when we first

 discovered the mine back in 1983.

( Link to 1983 here )



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